Patience During The Pandemic

During this pandemic we are experience a holding pattern on our lives. Many adults are working from home while children are learning at home. As a matter of fact, HOME is the place for all activities now, meals, movies, even exercise. Worship is virtual, doctor visits are virtual, and Zoom has become the new norm for most. It was fine the 1st week, tolerated the 2nd week, but now…in the 7th week some are starting to lose it. When will this holding pattern end?
Anxious to get out and just go somewhere, snapping at one another, and angry at the news updates. COVID-19 has captured all media and our imaginations in an unbelievable way.
Consider dropping the anxiety and practicing patience in this pandemic. Patience won’t solve the problem, but it will allow us to exist peacefully and communicate with others in more respectful and appropriate ways. We may even discover new ways of sharing time with our loved ones that create lasting memories for them and for us.
Realize, no one alive today has ever experienced a global pandemic of this magnitude. Yes, we’ve endured the Ebola virus, swine flu, H1N1, and we have become somewhat educated in our approach to HIV/AIDS. But no one could have predicted the devastation of COVID-19. The only way we will survive is through patience.
Be patient with your family members, especially your children. They are cooped up in the house all day, isolated from classmates, and questioning their future as they study from home. I’m sure new math is confusing, and you’ve forgotten the difference between an adverb and an adjective but practicing patience as you interact teaches your family fortitude in times of difficulty. Remember, Teachers and School Administrators are doing their best to ensure education continues for each student, so be patient with them too.
Be patient with your employers as they face the mounting pressures of costs and care. During Shelter In Place there are still costs each employer is responsible to pay regardless to the organizations size. There has been no leniency from the utility companies, they have to be paid. Electricity, Water, Garbage, taxes, and more still must be paid. Salaries and employee benefits continue for employees working from home. This is done to care for YOU. Your boss, no matter how intelligent they may be, is trying to figure this thing out just like everybody else. They’re hoping to return many who they were forced to lay off because bosses care about people.
Most of all, be patient with your Pastor. Your Pastor may have graduated from Bible College, Seminary, even may hold a Ph.D. from a prestigious university, but there was no “Pandemics 101” offered. Criticism of your Pastor for protecting your life and the lives of the congregation by halting worship inside the church is just foolish. Pastors are restricted from hospital visits, making home visits, and attending the funeral services of your loved ones. Practicing patience may remind you that your Pastor continues to pray and seek God for wisdom and guidance. It’s not a lack of faith on their part if they choose to assemble virtually, it’s wisdom.
Practicing patience in the pandemic may sound simple with the examples I’ve given yet I know there are other factors which are not mentioned, like temperament, desperation, and emotional anguish. My heart breaks when I consider those who have rehabilitated their lives from substance abuse and spousal abuse only to face the fears of uncertainty we all face. With “nothing” to do we must be patient and understanding, encouraging them not to journey back to past days but patiently press forward. We are all in this together. Since practice makes perfect, let’s practice patience for a better tomorrow.

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