Return to the New

We will soon return to Worship in the beautiful sanctuary of CrossRoads Covenant Church. Our date of return is Sunday, October 4, 2020. Our service time will remain 10:00am and praise God our location is the same. Over the past 4 months I have met with a ReEntry Team selected from CrossRoads leaders and members. We have met weekly to review scientific and medical data. We believe in the data but our trust is in the Lord. We have selected a theme “Return to the New.” YES! We are returning to our sanctuary, yet there are new experiences, new procedures, and a new order of worship that we will follow to ensure the safety of all members and guests. Because the underlying health conditions of the congregation are not known, we strongly encourage you to exercise wisdom for your own safety and the protection of your family. If you feel vulnerable or unsafe, please do not attempt to return to the sanctuary. CrossRoads LIVE will continue to be an option. Please read the following and be prepared for the “new” that will greet you as we gather together to praise our great God.