E.A.G. Night Two | The Great Commission

Apr 15, 2024    Joshua Murphy

Questions for the interactive portion:

1. What are some things that could hinder or cause reluctance for witnessing?

2. Discuss the role of humility and open-mindedness in the practice of do you remain open to learning and growing while also defending your faith?

3. Can you share a personal experience where you felt called to witness or share your faith with someone? What was the outcome, and what did you learn from the experience?

4. What are some common challenges or obstacles individuals face in their journey of discipleship, and how can these be overcome?

5. How do you balance the call to witness and share your faith with the need to respect others' beliefs and choices?

6. Can you share a personal experience of witnessing or sharing your faith with someone? What did you learn from that experience?

7. How can mentorship and discipleship intersect, and what are the benefits of having a mentor in one's spiritual journey?

8. Discuss the importance of accountability within a discipleship relationship.

9. How can accountability foster growth and maturity?

10. How do you approach engaging with individuals who have questions or doubts about your faith or worldview?

11. Can you share an experience where apologetics played a role in either strengthening your own faith or helping someone else understand your beliefs better?

12. What are some common misconceptions or objections people have about

Christianity, and how do you address them?

13. How do you navigate the balance between intellectual arguments and personal testimony when engaging in apologetics?